This website is produced by Christopher J. Alexander.


I first came to New Mexico as a child, visited here again as an adult in 1993, and moved here permanently in 1996. I divide my time between Albuquerque and Las Cruces. My real job is as a child psychologist. My hobby and passion, though, is travel.


In my job as a psychologist, I primarily deal with abused and neglected children. By nature of the work I do, I need reminders about the bigger picture of things. For me, this comes from being eye-to-eye with nature, where outcomes aren't determined by fairness, right, or wrong. It's important for me to stay mindful of history, to remember that many people suffered and struggled as this region became all that it is. I also love the seasons of New Mexico, which reminds me that life and beauty stems from what at times (especially December and January) feels like never-ending cold and darkness.


In the time I have lived here, I have had the opportunity to visit many unique places in New Mexico. This website is an attempt to share some of this with others, visitors and locals alike.


While the goal of this site is to share information, it is also to educate the reader about the unique history of New Mexico. Oh, and to help the reader appreciate the outstanding food we have in this state!